30 November 2021
13 September 2019

The Best in Trade commercial oil operators are awarded in UDS Oil

The occupational skill contest was held in UDS Oil on September 6. Commercial oil operators of three oil & gas production and conditioning departments took part in the event.

Trade testing included theoretical and practical parts. The competitors were to answer test questions related to primary activities, regulations and guidelines, health, safety and environment. Maximum score in theoretical part was gained by Sergei Pesterev, Oil & Gas Production and Conditioning Department 1, Malaya Purga Crude Oil Delivery and Acceptance Station.


Practical part included measuring of base height in tank, bottom sampling, measuring of temperature, calculation of oil mass in the tank. Judges evaluated quality, speed, precise sequence of actions during execution of work, compliance with UDS Oil's safety standards, lean culture as well as contestant's ability to competently comment their actions.


All participants have successfully coped with the assigned tasks and demonstrated good level of training. Based on the total score for theoretical and practical parts three winners of the contest were chosen:

1st place – Sergei Pesterev (Oil & Gas Production and Conditioning Department 1, Malaya Purga Crude Oil Delivery and Acceptance Station)

2nd place – Aleksei Korshunov (Oil & Gas Production and Conditioning Department 1)

3rd place – Mikhail Selyakin (Oil & Gas Production and Conditioning Department 1)


Sergei Pesterev, winner of the 2019 Best in Trade contest, industry background 11 years, 3 years of work in UDS Oil: «I took part in the last year's occupational skill contest and won third place. That was the first time when our discipline was covered by the event in our company. It is easier to compete now, having the experience of the last year. I already know what the contest makes for, what one should expect and be prepare for. That could be the reason of the higher confidence, although, I was still agitating. Goal-oriented training, setting myself up for the contest and management support helped me to win the first prize. The secret of top results is not only knowledge and expertise but also good and friendly team environment. Just like in our Department! It’s essential to feel support of teammates to ensure good performance».

We would like to congratulate the winners with the well-deserved awards and thank all competitors for fair and full-throated contest and will-to-win spirit. We wish you to stay strong in the pursuit of your goals and unhesitatingly force your way into new professional achievements.